Farel Talk About: Warcraft 3

With the whole launch of Warcraft 3 Reforged, my best friend had asked if I’d make a video about the original. Really shameful to say that the game came out at the start of the year, and the video, despite its terrible quality and simplicity is only being released now, but maybe someone can enjoy it:

Romancing Saga: MS — Secret End-Credits scene for Darque & Pirate’s Coast

Romancing SaGa 3 has been released in English!

Let’s Play Series: Prince of Persia (PS2)

The First part of a Let’s Play I’m doing with my good friend Cronos006!

SaGa News – June 2019

E3 came around, and we got some SaGa related news!

Danganronpa: THE PODCAST W/ 006CRONOS!

Me and my pal did record a podcast together about the Danganronpa franchise. We try to make it spoiler-free, but that didn’t work out all the way I fear, heh. Still, we had a lot of fun recording, and I hope you people will have fun watching us!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Moving back to my YouTube channel

After reconsidering everything, I’ve made the decision to return to my old FarelTheGecko channel. FarelForever will be used as a backup thing in case anything does end up blowing up.

Please follow me on the appropriate channel from now on:

Combustion is out on Kickstarter!

Hey guys, my friend is making this cool PSone era indie game, and it’s up on Kickstarter, so if anybody is interested, take a look ^_^

Join the protests on March 23rd

I made a short video, giving shoutout to the protest which will soon take place. Not really explaining what Article11 and Article13 are, because…. it’s such a big topic, and I was in a rush to make this:

Cool Video: Weird Video Games – Drakengard

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