SaGa News – June 2019

E3 came around, and we got some SaGa related news!


Danganronpa: THE PODCAST W/ 006CRONOS!

Me and my pal did record a podcast together about the Danganronpa franchise. We try to make it spoiler-free, but that didn’t work out all the way I fear, heh. Still, we had a lot of fun recording, and I hope you people will have fun watching us!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Moving back to my YouTube channel

After reconsidering everything, I’ve made the decision to return to my old FarelTheGecko channel. FarelForever will be used as a backup thing in case anything does end up blowing up.

Please follow me on the appropriate channel from now on:

Combustion is out on Kickstarter!

Hey guys, my friend is making this cool PSone era indie game, and it’s up on Kickstarter, so if anybody is interested, take a look ^_^

Join the protests on March 23rd

I made a short video, giving shoutout to the protest which will soon take place. Not really explaining what Article11 and Article13 are, because…. it’s such a big topic, and I was in a rush to make this:

Cool Video: Weird Video Games – Drakengard

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FFXIV – Unlocking Blue Mage

Cause I’m dumb like that :p
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Mini-Review: Romancing SaGa 2

Hey, I finished Romancing SaGa 2, uploaded all the Seven Hero battles to my channel, and had included a mini-review of the game. all is included on this playlist.
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FF – Episode 8 – Extreme Dinosaurs

At long last, awaking from a state of hibernation: FarelForever brings you a new review!

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FFXIV – My opinion on Blue Mage

Here’s my hottake on the new CONTROVERSIAL JOB in Final Fantasy XIV

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