Testing my new microphone

I bought myself a new microphone (Bluemic Yeti). I got the package on June the 6th, and only now did I have the time to try it out, and also make some comparison tests with my old one (Trust Starzz).

Also… yes, the old microphone gets the Comic Sans font. I thought of giving it a Hitler mustache too, but I felt like Comic Sans was good enough!!!

Postman’s Quest has been released!

My friend, Amayirot Akago made an adventure game, so I’m making sure to spread the word!

Here’s his video promoting it:

And here’s my video doing the same, but much differently:

Farel is Dancing with Gazelle

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Unlimited Saga video extravaganza!

Hello folks!

Strangely, after my big grand review, I decided to use the time to record some Unlimited Saga videos! At first I planned to record all character playthroughs, but then I settled on recording just 4, and now I’m set to just have:
-full playthrough of Ventus’es scenario Part 1 (July 2nd), Part 2 (July 9th)
-the alternative Dagul Bos route in Laura’s scenario (July 16th)
-The metal and water elemental … thing in Armic’s scenario (July 23rd)
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FF – Episode 7 – SaGa series retrospective Part 4 (Final)

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Written Review: Zootopia

Come on Farel, you published your next big review video on Patreon already! This week it’ll become public, and everybody will see it. You really don’t need to flood your page with a written review now! Continue reading

Learning Polish with Farel – Prąd

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Written Review: The Gamers Trilogy

You know, normally when people recommend stuff to me, I don’t actually watch/play what I’m told to. I’m a busy guy, often I don’t have the time to watch/play what I want, so what are the odds that I’d find the time for stuff that I have no personal interest in? WELL, unless it’s a recommendation from a guy like LittleNorwegians, cause for one, he’s my best friend, he deserves it, and secondly… the stuff he recommends always proofs to be interesting, and this was certainly the case as well: The Gamers trilogy, created by Dead Gentlemen Productions. Continue reading

A break from FFXI


I’ll explain that opening line at the end, for now let’s just get through what I wanted to say: Continue reading

Pyrkon 2016

Hello everyone, today I wish to share my experience from Pyrkon 2016, a local fantasy convention that I’ve visited. Some might remember that I’ve visited it the year before. I was wearing the same costume once more: Continue reading