Hey… I loved the voiceacting in this game, there’s none of it online and the company who did it is gone forever, sooooooooooo….. yeah, I’m putting this online.

The lines of main characters in battles

Most storyline lines of main characters in story

Judy&Mythe storyline, plus Japanese lines left in the game disc

Villain lines

Norff/Armand/Michelle/Josef/Musol Yanii (plus a special bonus)/Francis/Narrator/Nuage/Anzan

Edel/Marie/Silver Girl/Tiffon/Platyphyllum/Hiro/Kong Ming/Pharr




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A comic artist, video gamer, reviewer and many other stuff!

3 responses »

  1. kac2872 says:

    I couldn’t find any storylije game play video so this will be good enough haha thank you!

    • imbiggy on Youtube has tons of videos for the game. To be honest, the only reason I made Romancing SaGa videos instead, is because he covered the game so well!

      • kac2872 says:

        Aww thank you for your reply! I’ll be sure to check it out, I barely got through two stories before I found the game to be too hard haha I did Mythe’s first ;___; thank you!

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