And yeah, some consider this to be a really important thing…. not me!

A Tale of:

Yucomb’s Statues            Eugen and the Shield            Heroes of Gods at War

Death           Giants and Auldburg            Schirach’s Shiny Ring

Thieves of the Kingdom            Julius and the Library           The Fate of the Keep

Marks of Bravery            A Devilish Deal            Road to Repentance

Upright Gecklings            Strom and a Kjar Maiden            The Opal and the Pirate

Lords of the Element           Mirsa and Aldora            The Island on the Inner Sea

The Legendary Lake            The Butcher            Zealots of Saruin   

Eugen and the Dragon            The Three Gods of Evil


About Farel

A comic artist, video gamer, reviewer and many other stuff!

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