I KNOW, I KNOW! I did not create these reviews, Y Ruler of Time did (one of my idol video makers), but I wanted to upload them because I liked them and often several issues with them occurred, I managed to download the videos from online and decided to reupload them in lower quality…. I guess it was important for me to upload them because this is like a trilogy. If a single video by Y would be gone, I’d be sad, but this is a whole series of reviews so missing on one makes it harder to follow along, so this was for the fans.

I am saying all of this openly and proudly because: Y RULER OF TIME KNOWS ABOUT THIS!!!! Seriously! I confess I was hiding it away for a bit of time, but Y Ruler of Time knows about it now and doesn’t mind! He actually thought of it as pretty cool cause he didn’t expect anyone to be really so passionate about them as I was. He also doesn’t mind me having advertisements turned on on them, because they’re old, so I can earn the few extra cents with them. HE IS SO AWESOME! I gotta repay him one day!

Sooooo until Y makes a new Prince of Tennis video, this is all we have for now:

Prince of Tennis pt. 1 (1/2):

Prince of Tennis pt. 1 (2/2):

Prince of Tennis pt. 2 (1/2):

Prince of Tennis pt. 2 (2/2):

Prince of Tennis pt. 3 (1/2):

Prince of Tennis pt. 3 (2/2):

Oh and as a little Bonus, cause someone else wanted me to upload it too, Seven Sinful Series:


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