It’s been a while, but yeah, the special creation this summer, more from Romancing SaGa, in two parts.

Part One:

In this video I show:
-Opening Minstrel speech
-First scenes with Dowd
-Possible choices when talking to Farah and her mother
-The start of Wuhan’s secret, including the scene in Farah’s house
-Scenario 1: Getting info on getting to the Slave trader’s hideout, then releasing the prisoners there (including the glitch there), going to the slave trader,  fighting him (not the same character model), dressing up, going to the temple in North Estamir, recruiting Aisha, finding Farah, confronting Wuhan and his guards.
-Scenario 2: Just go to the temple, kill the big guards, find Farah, confront Wuhan and his guards.
-Receiving the rewards
-Recruiting Barbara (YES, I swear, you need to do this, it is a plot point!)
-Dowd leaving the party and all the choices related to it
-The only unique bit for Jamil during the Water Dragon Rite quest

Part Two:

In this video I show:
– The Assassin’s Guild quest start
– Finding out the location of the guild via Farah’s mom
– Finding out the location of the guild via Dowd (one of the saddest scenes in the whole game for me)
-The Assassin’s Guild conversation for Jamil after the previous events
-The fight and scene ending the quest
-The scene with the minion, then Saruin, plus Jamil’s line when the final battle starts
-Ending scene with Farah and her mother
-Jamil’s ending speech to the player
-A special replay of the scene after Dowd died, I play it in 10% speed, making it 10 times longer, plus I zoomed in so that you people can see all the things on the screen shown in flashback while one of the songs from the soundtrack is playing

You can also find these videos on YouTube, but … ya know, I would still suggest watching them on BlipTV, but whatever!
YouTube Playlist


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