CR is one of my favorite video makers, he often talks about obscure and forgotten characters. This time he talks about a certain very anthromorphic movie…. It was before touched upon by fellow Brad Jones (another video maker that I also do enjoy). Consider watching it first:
[ width=”480″ height=”376″]
But CR had his own little take on it and …. I must say that I’m most impressed with his own take on the furry fandom… One some might now go and say “Pff why should I care?”, well let me tell you why:

The furry fandom gets a LOT of bad-rep and hate in the general culture. I don’t dress up as an animal and also have no sexual interest in animals themselves and yet there’s a lot of people writing me off. I’ve met a few whom when looking at my art said:

“Well this is pretty good, but why on earth would you draw THIS?!”

I’m getting sick of the treatment we get and how this style of art gets seen as something vile and horrible… and that is why, when someone outside our “herd” speak in a not negative way about this… I DEMAND that you people show some support to this guy and at least watch this one video by him!
[ width=”480″ height=”350″]
If you don’t, then emmmmm I likely won’t know about it anyway, but emmmm…. WATCH IT!!!!!!


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  1. Didn’t know you had a site.
    Interesting to see you post and spread the word on other reviewers as well.

    • Yes I have it, it’s rather lame, but you gotta start somewhere… And thanks for the kind words! I just feel like doing it. I don’t just talk about my things…. if a reviewer reviews something I did before (as with my recent post about ChaosD1) or here, a matter that interests me pops up and I think people should take notice of it…. I just post about it!

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