Ehhh yeah, a sign of life from me, sorry people. For the Free Art Contest video I still need one cameo, a very special one and I know I’m waiting for it for like several months, but this is like the greatest thing happening to me as a reviewer, so I can’t just forget about it. It’s not like I have much free time now anyway. College is HELL.

So, just to kill some time, I’ve recorded some footage from Unlimited Saga for an artwork to do and figured that while I’ve got the game on with some recording hardware plugged in, I might as well use my chances and record Musol Yanii at his best… to perhaps in the future have material on hand to make a fanart of him. …. not like I haven’t already anyway, but… ya know

In any case, just wait people, I promise to deliver something again one day… once college becomes less of a torture…

You can also find this video on YouTube, whichever place is fine!
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