I expect two reactions to the title right now: one would be „WHAT?!”, the other would be „What’s Blip.tv?”, so it’s probably best to start answering the latter:

Blip.tv is a video platform, an alternative to YouTube. A lot of people (most notably Channel Awesome member) use it because it’s not as restrictive with Copyrights as YouTube. Now to be fair, YouTube improved itself. Bans happen less frequent, and now tend to settle on blocking a video in specific countries or possibly adding advertisements to it. This still isn’t perfect as Viacom material gets a special treatment, since it’s theirs. And since I do plan to cover some material owned by Viacom, YouTube is not the optimal platform for me. This made Blip.tv an optimal solution for me, however now I am banned, and yet I don’t really mind it all that much! Let’s count the reasons:
-I didn’t have a single follower/subscriber on blip.tv, so no major loss
-They’re giving me 30 days to download all my videos, so that I don’t lose anything I made. Even less of a loss!
-2 months ago I managed to collect the 25$ minimum ad revenue to get a payment. It took me a few years to collect it, so you could say that this has happened just before the ban. SCORE!
-And last, but most important…. I kind of deserve it…

To explain the last point in detail: When YouTube banned me many years ago, it was because of a couple of videos that were on my channel for a while. They existed there, and all the sudden copyrights changed, one after one. I lost all strikes; I wasn’t even given a chance to save my work, just boom, all subscribers lost. Blip.tv however banned me for breaking their rules, which I do acknowledge. I had several gameplay videos on my channel with no commentary at all, and that’s not allowed. I do confess, I did read the rules of the site later and noticed it wouldn’t be legal, but they were my most grossing videos (yeah, how sad that my reviews are so unpopular by comparison), so I kept them around, cause hey, who ever got banned from Blip.tv?! ….. well, now I did. Jokes on me I guess!

“What’s this pointless story about?! Just register again and shut up!” I hear you say

But here’s the thing… I did try to create a new alternative account not too long ago and it didn’t work, because “Episode Zero of Farel Forever” was apparently of too low quality to be accepted. I do admit that the FIRST episode of Farel Forever is in HD and might be better, but who knows if it’ll work! And besides, even if I do come back to blip, I can’t upload everything back there, or else history will repeat itself. This is why I seek your help!

YouTube was the banned era.
Blip.tv was the Farel Reviews era.
You decide what site should host the Farel Forever era!
(NOTE: Uploads to Youtube & Blip.tv will still continue as much as possible, but … I still want a new site!)
DailyMotion? MetaCafe? Vimeo? Revver? Veoh?
Anyone knows these sites? Perhaps some words of recommendation? To help with the choice, here are some essential things to me:
-The site has to be less restrictive with copyrights, I don’t want another YouTube
-The site should be all for free user uploads, I appreciate blip.tv’s producer angle, but I don’t need that right now
-And I guess advertisements or revenue from the videos is optional. Yeah, let’s face it, I suck, I just need the exposure

Thank you everyone for help!


About Farel

A comic artist, video gamer, reviewer and many other stuff!

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  1. Amayirot Akago says:

    Just give up on Blip altogether. They’ve become way too restrictive as of late. They kicked out me and BlondeGuyGamer as well. Stick to Youtube. They may not be perfect, but it’s the best way to get the most views.

    • Wait, WHAT?! You got kicked out?! And…. look, no offense, but me or you being banned, is no big deal, but BLONDIE?!?!?!?! This…. is nasty news!!!!!

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