In this video I show:
-Opening Minstrel speech
-Entering Jelton
-Finding the Rusty Falcata
-Tempering it for the first time
-Coming back to Melvir and the various variations of the dialogue choices
-Meeting Gian, again with dialogue variations
-Continuous tempering of the Falcata and it’s advanced stages
-Final scene and the boss fight
-The video sequence showing how Gray obtains the Demonbrand
-Alternative costume for Gray, more silver colored
-Saruin, plus Gray’s line when the final battle starts
-Ending scene with the people at the pub
-Gray’s ending speech to the player

-If anyone complains that I could have done better, then I shall forge my own Demonbrand and kill you!

And here a video guiding you as to how the Falcata should be completed in case you have problems:


About Farel

A comic artist, video gamer, reviewer and many other stuff!

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  1. Impresionante, este editorial es sugestivo,
    mi papa esta analizando muchos ete modelo de editoriales, por tanto voy a
    contarselo y mandarle hasta esta pagina.

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