I have some news to tell: a very dear friend of mine finished his newest mobile game. IT’S FREE, IT’S FREE, don’t run away! I’m writing this to spread the news and kindly ask people to give it a try! He’s… an incredible person, very very kind, but life’s treating him badly, and so I want him to be somehow rewarded for all the good he does, and perhaps bring him a step closer to making his dreams come true. So please, if you can, do me a favor and download the game onto your mobile phone, play it for like… 5-6 minutes or click the ad you’ll see, whichever you do, as long as you’re connected online, he will get a bit of money from the advertisements. Yes, I know some of you are either too busy to commit 5 minutes, or you don’t have the right phone, or you don’t feel like it… If this is the case, then I beg you to at least “Like” this video (not my friend, but he made the trailer for the game):

Or … share info on this game somewhere. I thank you kindly for your attention. This is the game:

Sincerely, FarelTheGecko

PS: +1’ing the game in the GoogleStore works too! 😉


About Farel

A comic artist, video gamer, reviewer and many other stuff!

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