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I wish to thank my friend Amayirot Akago for this wonderful gift, I really am grateful for it! It was fun to play a new jRPG for once and discover new horizons, been a long time coming…  and it should be from now on too, as I’m busy as Hell and sending me presents in form of video games is a HUGE TABOO!!! I forbid it!!!! I realize the good intentions, but I’m stuck doing so much stuff that I don’t want anyone shoving me an over 50 hour RPG into my life!!!!

I mean, this time it was half bad because the game was actually good, but if it was BAD? Think of that…

Anyways allow me to start with a brief comparison of the games by my buddy Akago and how well they faired…

-Beyond Good & Evil-

This title is a big, people talked about it, raved about it, I got to play it, and…… it was pretty good. I just don’t see the cult following that it has. I played it, was shooting photos, upgrading stuff, progressing through the story… I will say that if the game was twice as long, I would probably get a bit bored or irritated at some things, because something… anything could overstate its welcome (I’m looking at YOU Okami! ), but BGE did not do that, it came to an ending early enough … with an INSANE final boss mind you, I spend a long while beating it and saw the very  confusing ending and…… eh I don’t need a sequel. I had fun with this one and it’s all good


A stealth action game? For me?! What was he thinking?! Well I don’t know, but it was a surprisingly good idea!!! Even if this is not my genre, the game was so wacky and stupid that I had a great laugh. This…. Probably is my favorite game from Akago, and thankfully I made a Let’s Play series out of it, enjoy:

-Prince of Persia-

Oh boy, I jumped into it, planned a Let’s Play series

but I just couldn’t do it! Even with the game being not that long, I encountered glitches, and even when I barged onwards, things got difficult and even when I decided to screw recording footage, playing by my own, I kept hitting brick walls and…. I had to give up

-Dragon Quest 8-

So with one game failed, I felt like it was my duty to beat this one, it’s a jRPG after all and I’ve been curious about the Dragon Quest series, so let’s go and see how long this game is……… over 80 hours long…. Yyyyeaaahhh I hope people see why I went with Prince of Persia first and decided to save Dragon Quest for summer, which is now, and I beat the game at last, so let’s talk




We have our hero (nameless protagonist), who’s servant of King Trode of castle Trodian. An evil jester stole a magical scepter of the castle and cursed the king into becoming a monster, and the princess into becoming a horse. So now you, being the only person in the castle not to have been cursed, have to lead the king and his daughter (him basically driving a carriage, which is pulled by his daughter) through the world, trying to find a way to break the spell. And so the game progresses as new characters join the team. The story starts by feeling refreshingly simple, however towards the end it becomes much more complex, but I wouldn’t say it crosses the line, the story still is not a thick web of confusing plot elements.


-I liked the art style & humor-

I’m not a huge Dragon Ball fan, and even when people mention Chrono Trigger, the art style is the last thing I think of with that game. Here I liked it, because the start of the game has so many cliché RPG things that if they were treated dead serious with a very realistic art style (and I see games do that), I’d be annoyed. However with this style, and I guess the sense of humor, it just feels easy to accept. I’m not saying this material is worthy of bursting out and laughing, but it really sets the mood well.


I know grinding in general is really boring and annoying, but in a way I feel that this game gave it an interesting spin. Grinding levels is NEVER about fighting the exact same strong monster over and over again. It’s about Metal Slimes. These are rare enemies appearing in some locations. They usually run away. They are quick to take action and have insane defenses. However if you beat one, you get a LOT of experience points. I know that might sound like busy work, but if you give me a choice between mashing the attack button over and over to slowly climb the level ladder… and doing a fight where tricks and strategies can get me a level up in just one fight… yeah, I think you know what I’ll pick

-Weapon selection & skill system-

I could talk about it being interesting, how many sorts of weapons each character can wield and what strategies can be used, but you know what? I was allowed to wield a spear with the protagonist, and that’s good enough for me! WOHOOOO

-Flee/Intimidate, and Holy Protection-

This is something I miss in so many games! Random encounters are so stupid, so I wish games would let me do something about it, but fleeing from fights feels so annoying, especially when it doesn’t work on the first try….. so you can alternatively intimidate the enemy, making them run away, OR you can use a Holy Water item (or the Holy Protection spell that the protagonist learns with the Courage skill set) to drop the enemy encounter rate. This is so helpful when backtracking, THANK YOU!


-Bosses that dispel enhancements-

You have a series of spells that enhance your characters. You also have a command that psyches up your character to make his next attack stronger. This is all very helpful, but naturally it costs time and mana to cast, and it wears off after a while, so……. The game gives the enemies spells to dispel all of that. I know why they did it, because otherwise I’d be easy to deal 1000 damage to the boss every 5 turns, but you know what? I spend a half hour fighting the final boss, I feel like I wouldn’t really be upset if it went down a bit faster! I remember Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne, there the game of enhancing and dispelling was like a chess match, here it felt like trolling.

-Confusion as to what spells do-

Those enchantment spells… Ok with my experience with these games, I don’t need explanations as to why the enfeebling suck, but what about enhancing ones? I often have trouble telling which ones are the best, the least good, which is even worse when those bosses keep dispelling them… I needed a FAQ to tell me what to use!

-Stealing items-

It says that Scythes give you the ability to steal items. You know what the odds are of you stealing an item? One in 512! I guess that’s for the first version of that skill, but the upgrade is not much better. I think I only stole 3 items in the entire game and it was never worthwhile. I still liked Scythes, but I wish the game would give me a LEGIT chance to steal something, especially if the items are not that good anyway.

-Final boss-

Yes, it’s a firm trope to have a final battle that’s very long, but you know what helps? The battle should have many phases, and he should change appearance numerous times, with a new skill set each time. If you keep everything the same for the whole half hour of battle…. You cannot blame me for getting bored!

And that’s it. I liked the game, but due to the huge length, I still say I prefer Spyfiction. Spyfiction made me angry at some points, but I was never bored with it and it was done quickly. Dragon Quest 8 did have some boring stretches. Eh, still, a great game.

And here’s a horrid video I made about the game……. Stupid:



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