Megaman… I used to be pretty big into the Megaman franchise, so when in 2008 a 9th installment was announced, one returning to the very roots of the series, I was pretty excited….. however all had to wait until I had my own PS3, so now’s the time, lets rock! (Rockman joke)

Cover for the win
This American cover is made of so much fail, that it’s WIN!

Say it with me now: 8 robot masters cause serious rampage. Everyone looks at Dr Wily, whom explains that he has nothing to do with this, and even presents video footage, showing that Dr Light is the one responsible! The mad doctor even announces his new kickstarter to rid the world of these evil robots (OK, he publicly mentions his Swiss bank account, but I’m calling it a kickstarter!). Obviously Megaman knows what needs to be done and heads out to confront the evil robots!

An old school NES platformer where you run, jump and shoot around, until reaching the boss, whom after defeating, grants you his/her power. Why yes, „her”! There’s a female robot master in this game! SPLASH WOMAN!!!

Splash Woman
Female megaman fans no longer need to burn their bras in protest! Let us rejoice sisters!!!

Now some might argue that this is the exact same stuff that we saw in each megaman game, so its best to focus on what makes it different. What new things were brought to the table? …. quite frankly… none. We even went backwards!

It feels like a journey through a time machine to the golden age of the series! No sliding, no Charge shot… SURE, those things sounded cool at first, but … am I the only person who got annoyed, cause whenever there was a boss fight, I had to hold down the shoot button to charge up? It got old…

Instead of forcing these weird mechanics on us, we get interesting stages, and neat robot masters with some unique powers. My personal favorites are „Hornet Chaser”, because the hornets you shoot auto-aim and can even grab items, and „Laser Trident”, because it shoots fast and bypasses shields and defenses of many enemies.

Black hole
Regardless, I found many people online calling the game way too difficult, talking about how they can breeze through all previous Megaman games, but this one is too hard for them. I agreed….. at first! Then however I started to learn patterns. What seemed impossible at first, was a breeze later. Nothing seemed cheap or unfair as long as I tried it enough times. If I ever failed, I always blamed it on myself, and not the game.

I will admit that at one point I really struggled, and thought about quiting, because… hey, I’m an adult now! I have big things to do, no time to play Megaman! But something told me that this game was worth beating, so I stuck with it, and did it! I needed like 3 tries for Wily’s castle (You can’t save between stages, so if you loose all your items, you probably have to start all over again)

First time I struggled with the „Twin Devils”, the second time I made it, but could not beat Wily, and the third time is when I really saved up a lot of E tanks for that final fight and made it. This was easier than with many of the previous games. Here saving really helps, being able to buy items helps too, and not loosing them during a game over is great as well!

Basically, this is what Megaman used to be about, and I actually feel like this game could stand the test of time (it sold very well and received a sequel after all). However with how much other stuff I have on my mind right now, I will likely not play any of the bonus modes that I got with the game, way too busy right now, way too much to do… however I beat the normal game once, and I feel like that’s enough of an accomplishment.


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