Hello everyone, today I wish to share my experience from Pyrkon 2016, a local fantasy convention that I’ve visited. Some might remember that I’ve visited it the year before. I was wearing the same costume once more:


(Inspector Lestrade from Sherlock, the newest BBC TV series iteration of the character)

I was once more acompanied by a German friend dressed up as Sherlock, we once more ran around the con, once more went to one lecture which was kind of interesting., once more had dinner with my parents, once more did some sight-seeing in Poznań…. It was quite a deja vu to say the least, so it’d probably be best to focus on what was different this time:


Sherlock brought Mrs Hudson along! We were a trio! Yaay! Mrs Hudson (or Hudders, as she was nicknamed) was a really fun person, and I enjoy meeting new people (especially when it turns out that I like them, heh).

While walking around we found the Ark of the Covenant!


Sadly a bunch of nazi jackasses took it, packed it into a wooden box and this is the best photo I could make before they took off with it.

That wasn’t the only miracolous thing that we stumbled upon, as we witnessed The Last Supper


With Jesus, Jesus 02, Pseudo Jesus, Black Widdow, Spiderman, female Deadpool, Alice, Bane, Snake, Trafalgar Law, … Sans in a blue dress?, and… the rest…. sorry, I’m not that well versed in the Bible to recognize all the Apostles.

Regardless of the importance of this event, Sherlock did manage to grab the attention of the female Deadpool with …. a Deadpool Dakimakura. A body sized pillow, with Deadpool on it.


I am quite surprised that a trio cosplaying as Sherlock characters did not grab nearly the same attention as this pillow! Many people kept asking where Sherlock got this pillow from and I had to keep telling them that it was the only copy in the store, but I suppose they might find the owner and ask if he seels more copies online.

Eitherway, that was Pyrkon. Everything the last one was and then some, right? Emmm… not quite. I have to admit that I felt slightly let down, but that’s probably because this was not my first time over there. Last year I was full of shock and surprise at the size and grandure of it all. This year that surprise was gone and instead I was reminded of how much I hate crowds of people. Additionally as we went through all the stores, I had trouble finding something for myself.

If you like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Marvel comics, or the like, then you’re golden. Me? My stuff is more obscure, so it’s harder to find junk based on it. I suppose the Fate franchise was my best bet, but …. there still wasn’t a lot (if you ignore the more sleazy and pervy merchandise that is…). Unable to find anything for myself, I did consider buying something that perhaps would interest a friend of mine:


I asked the owner of the magic shop how much she wants for the raccoon, but it turns out that it’s the shop’s mascot, and as such it is not for sale. Heh, „Dżank Szop”, that’s the polish phonetic way to say „junk shop”, plus, the polish word for racoon is „szop pracz”. GET IT!?!


In the end I bought myself a mug with Saber from Fate/Stay Night on it. It doesn’t give me the same burning sensation as the Rider keychain from last year, but … regardless, I’m quite glad to have it. Next to it is a D20 die that was included with the tickets, because we bought ours online.

So… in the end it was a fun little trip, although I’m pretty sure that next time I’d want to cosplay as some other character.

Eitherway, thanks for reading this, and if you’re wondering why I didn’t make a video out of this… it’s because this year I did not receive anything remotely similar to a bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh GX stickers, and that is certainly something that I can appreciate!

Last year’s video:


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