I’ll explain that opening line at the end, for now let’s just get through what I wanted to say:

Around a 100 days ago I had decided to take a break from Final Fantasy XI. It’s a MMORPG, so it takes a lot of time, there’s monthly payments, and I figured I need a break! ….yes, it is still running. The game launched in like 2002, but it is still up! I had some fun coming back to it, experiencing what I couldn’t before… At the start of February I decided to take a break for a few months, but then I got an email that they’re making a triple capacity point week! …. emm, capacity points are the max level equivalent of experience points…. I tried to resist, but the monthly login campaign (you log in each day, and get points that you can exchange for rare items) had something I really wanted, so I gave in!

Coming back to the game I remembered how I wanted to raise another chocobo again, but I knew this would force me to play for the next several months…………… BUT I DID IT ANYWAY! And here I am 90 days later, really bushed, worn out, and…… frankly…. concerned. I do give myself a goal of quiting for the next few months at least. I hope to this time hold back, not jump in at some dumb offer, since as I can see, they come and go all the time, so who cares??? So I do stop and try to think of reasons as to why there’s no reason to jump back into the game, and I actually grow concerned at how true that turns out to be!

Right now, I’ve completed ALL the story missions. The 3 nations, Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, Treasures of Aht Uhrgan, and the rest! I’ve completed all of them! And Given how „Rhapsodies of Vana’diel” beyond any doubt does conclude Final Fantasy XI’s story, there is no chance of them ever releasing another expansion pack! Oh, they did add some content, but there’s no real story to it, and the dungeons included are just copies of previous ones. I’ve even went the extra pointless mile already and obtainedthe maximum ammount of fame/reputation everywhere!

Many players spend time collecting equipment, and it’s true, my Geomancer job could use one or two better things, but in all honesty, nobody ever complains about what I wear. I do a really fine job as it is, and some of that equipment means hunting down items with a less than 2% drop rate, which doesn’t strike me as … fun.

How about leveling? It is true, my Geomancer has not yet unlocked all the „Job Gifts”, but I’ve already obtained everything that qualifies as useful. This’d be just maxing out stuff for the sake of maxing it out. Kind of sad that I’ve accepted leveling up as pointless, just when I’ve obtained some neat ability that increases my capacity points earned by a decent number.

WELL, how about leveling a different job? I wanted to be a Blue Mage before, didn’t I? That is true, and I have all the spells learned (aside from a few ones which I’ll never EVER use, and I’d need months to get them). However to be a proficient BLU, I’d need a special sword, which requires me to go through some 100 floor tower, and… yeah, people tell me that it’s SO EASY TO SOLO NOW, but I’m me, and just can’t do it. Besides, once I’d do it, I’d just spend all my money for stuff to get this sword, and following that, I’d need to do a bunch more stuff to make it work. Kind of boring… and then there’s the Coalition assignments!

Coalitions assignments are simplistic missions where you do stuff. You need to do them repeatedly to advance in ranks, however you spend „Imprimaturs” to do these missions. You can only hold 15 of them (at the start) and you get a new one every 6 hours, and to rank up you need 20. HOWEVER, you have to remember that 6 coalitions exist. Ok, let’s think, 6 ranks, 6 coalitions means 36, and for each of them, you need 20 imprimaturs. That’s 720 needed. Now let’s multiply it by six hours. 4320 hours, divided by 24 hours ammounts to 180 days. So if you were to do this stuff, you’d have to play for 6 months!!!! That sort of frightens me, because I did just that! And you know what? THAT’S NOT THE END!!! There’s 8 ranks, not 6. I just said 6, because once you have to get rank 6 in all coalitions (and some other junk), to get a reward, where instead of waiting 6 hours for a new imprimatur, you just need to wait 5 and a half hours! …… I can’t believe it. I have rank 7 in all coalitions, and one is already at 8. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?! All this to get a quest where I can get a wand for my Geomancer…. A WAND THAT I REALLY DON’T NEED!!!

But to give credit where credit is due… you can take a break with these. The game doesn’t demmand you to play all the time or else you lose progress. Things look different with chocobo raising!

I remember back, around the time when I was quiting the game in 2006, they introduced players to the chance to raise one’s very own chocobo! I remember being so excited! I really wanted a pink one! ……… ok, you know me, so you all know that was a joke, and I meant a green one! So when I came back, I wanted to make that dream come true, and I have! Chocobos were a neat thing mostly for the fast-travel that they allowed, but times have changed! There are several ways to fast-travel, and recently they’ve even introduced actual mounts, which don’t require months of work, like in the case of a chocobo. So the only reason to raise a chocobo is to do races, which I have done. After going through many Chocobos, I had raised a superb one. I named him „GruenerMond”, meaning „Grüner Mond”, meaning „Green Moon”. 3 months of work, so much done in advance, and yet, the final race was beyond my reach.

Some would say that I should have distributed my stats slightly differently, or that I should have done my best to give my chocobo a preference for rainy weather, or some other junk, but you know what? There is no real point to this! I do not want to once more be stuck in the game for 3 months straight! I do not want to do daily chocobo stuff, cause….. what’s the point?

Money? I get more money from other sources!
The story? I can just watch the cutscenes for this on YouTube!
The rewards??? Some trophy item and some key item? Not worth it!

So… I had some fun raising chocobos, I’ve reached very high, but I feel like this turned into a chore some time ago, so this is where I conclude my chocobo story. My GrünerMond and my GreenBaroness shall be remembered.

NOW, why am I even writing this? What’s the point? Am I trying to discourage people from playing FF11? Absolutely not! I am admittedly mostly writing this to myself:

Dear Farel, if you received an email which tells you that it’d be a great time to return to FF11, and it’s not even Autumn yet……… DON’T DO IT MAN!!!! You have your comic, your videos, and the whole job search thingy to take care of!!!! Play some other games if you’re that bored, cause really, if you return to the game now, you will quickly be bored again. Those coalition assignments can wait, I assure you.


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  1. TheInhumanBeatdown says:

    I know your pain man. Played a Facebook game, which could have easily been its own game, in private before bringing it to the channel and I was so hooked on it. After a while I told myself it was time to quit mostly due to grinding and not enough to time to keep up with it any more. Those 3 months after I quit were the hardest times. Like an addict trying to quit I’d look back at it and almost think of going back to it. I suppose even know I still kind of feel that way, but I know if I went back i may not be able to get out again.

    • Addictions are a pain. I’ll try hard to stop myself this time. I suppose there’s also the whole “subscription factor”, where I feel like the fact that I pay money, means that I can’t let it go to waste, and have to play it, make the best of it!

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