Come on Farel, you published your next big review video on Patreon already! This week it’ll become public, and everybody will see it. You really don’t need to flood your page with a written review now!

You’re right me…… BUT SCREW YOU/ME!!!! ZOOTOPIA REVIEW!!!!!!!!!


Yes, Zootopia, the big smash-hit that everybody was talking about… even before the release! A movie about anthropomorphic animals. The furry fandom went wild, in …. wildly different ways! Some people were all excited about Disney finally noticing them, and delivering furry characters, which… was quite dumbfounding, as Disney released many movies like this before, such as… Robin Hood………. emmmm….. <looks up> ….. Chicken Little? Ok, guess when it comes to movies about anthropomorphic animals living in their own society without humans… the selection is not that big. BUT STILL, we had a lot of talking animal characters that appealed to many furries before!!!

But then came the backlash: people like scalies or …. featheries? Avies? Eh, basically, non-mammal furries were offended that the movie only features mammals! Some of them even said they’d boycott the movie, because….. if a movie with anthropomorphic animals does badly, it’ll clearly make the people in the movie industry think that they need to make more movies like these, except with non-mammal animals!!!! ….right….

Also, I think I’m even a bit glad that there are no lizzies in the movie, cause otherwise this joke would offend me:
Maximus the horse is Rapunzel??? That role was clearly reserved for Pascal the chameleon! NO, I DON’T CARE THAT CHAMELEONS HAVE NO HAIR!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, onto the movie. The main character is Judy Hopps, a bunny dreaming of becoming a police officer, and making the world a better place. She’s hard-working and determined, so through perseverance, she surprises everybody by becoming the first rabbit police officer, and gets a spot in the police department of Zootopia, where…. she’s stuck on parking duty. During work she does encounter a fox con-artist called Nick Wilde, and through a series of events, they end up having to team up to solve a very big case.

Surprising that at its core, Zootopia is just a buddy-cop movie! There are so many of these movies, and yet Zootopia still managed to do some interesting things with the formula. A hard-working bunny who tries her best to fight the way she’s perceived by others, and a sly trickster fox who just goes with the flow. Shenanigans ensue!

Given what a big deal this movie was, I did expect that it’d be making some big message… like, the difference in species with the 2 leads is some different way to show gender… or it’s about race… but it turns out that it goes much further than that. The different animal kinds stand for any kind of differences between people, but also the expectations that society has of them. I was impressed by how effectively this was used….. but even more so how it did not feel overblown!


I was setting myself up for some preachy movie with big messages, like emmm I heard some people say that the movie … shames humans, or that it’s very pro-gay, and anti-christian, or some other junk, however.. while the movie did use a lot of subtext for interesting things, it was for the most part, just a funny buddy-cop movie. I did not feel like some big message was pushed down my throat, which is good!

Eh, I really don’t want this to be a very long review. I do want to say that I liked the movie, I liked the characters, I think it was very well done….. maybe it’s not a movie for very young kids, since there are a few slightly violent scenes, but… whatever.

If you like good animated movies, go see it!

And if you’re hungry for some sexy animals…… dude, just go to FurAffnity, cause this movie will be wasted on you…


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