Remember that thing I wrote after the last time that I played FF11?

Well, I’m basically about to write something very similar, once more directed towards myself, rather than my followers (although you are more than welcome to read this)


The first month of playing FF14 left me curious… I had spend a good chunk of time playing:
-as a Lancer
-as a Marauder
-as a Gladiator
-as a Thaumaturge
-as a Conjurer
-and an Arcanist….

Partially because I’ve been indecisive as to what character I’d like to play as. This time I knew I wanted to be a Scholar (a healer job with a pet fairy assistant), and I knew what I needed to do each day:
-1 daily guildhest
-1 daily dungeon run
-All daily Grand company assignments

And during the weekends, I could:
-Fill out the challenges log for the week
-Do some quests for my jobs or crafting classes
-Do a few missions to progress through the story

There’s no arguing that this took a lot of time, HOWEVER, it definitely wasn’t this bad in the first month when I played! How so?! WELL that first month happened when I was still at my old job. That’s where I was able to play during the day, between assignments at work!

Now however I have a full time job. There’s no playing until like 5:30 pm! It means rushing through stuff to get the daily minimum done, and then followed by a weekend where I try to catch up. Worst of all: Final Fantasy 11 had a free login campaign in the midst of all this for like 10 days! GOD DAMMIT!!!! WHY?!?!?! If I had known, I’d make sure these 2 things don’t collide!!!!


Time passed, and I started to feel bad about neglecting my art and my hobbies…. There’s a picture which was the first image that I wanted to make after I got here on October 5th, and it’s still not done (but maybe this week it will, who knows!)! It really was unpleasant… I had a conversation with a friend who very wisely suggested that I …. well, not quit the game forever, but that I restrict how much time I commit to it daily, and that way find time for other activities. I have done just that and it was incredibly helpful (too bad it happened less than a week before the subscription ended), so once I do get back to the game, I will stick with that restriction of 3 hours game time per day, BUT for now I am definitely taking a longer break! I had achieved a big goal, namely getting a level 50 job (not the current level cap, but the old one), had obtained the artifact armor for it, and got all of my crafting level classes to level 20.

That’s enough for now, so instead I better give some attention to:
-my comic
-my review show
-a few pictures that I wanted to draw
-and several other things

Eorzea must wait!!!

Watch me flex my muscles under my nerdy outfit!


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A comic artist, video gamer, reviewer and many other stuff!

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