A break from FFXIV

Remember that thing I wrote after the last time that I played FF11?

Well, I’m basically about to write something very similar, once more directed towards myself, rather than my followers (although you are more than welcome to read this) Continue reading


Farel tries to make Steamed Hams

… crap, I forgot to post this here… here it is!

We’re making us some burgers!!! Continue reading

Farel tries to play FFXIV

Not sure if you guys won’t think of this as really boring, but … nothing tried, nothing gained! Continue reading

Testing my new microphone

I bought myself a new microphone (Bluemic Yeti). I got the package on June the 6th, and only now did I have the time to try it out, and also make some comparison tests with my old one (Trust Starzz). Continue reading

Postman’s Quest has been released!

My friend, Amayirot Akago made an adventure game, so I’m making sure to spread the word! Continue reading

Farel is Dancing with Gazelle

Cause why not? Continue reading

Unlimited Saga video extravaganza!

Hello folks!

Strangely, after my big grand review, I decided to use the time to record some Unlimited Saga videos! At first I planned to record all character playthroughs, but then I settled on recording just 4, and now I’m set to just have:
-full playthrough of Ventus’es scenario Part 1 (July 2nd), Part 2 (July 9th)
-the alternative Dagul Bos route in Laura’s scenario (July 16th)
-The metal and water elemental … thing in Armic’s scenario (July 23rd)
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FF – Episode 7 – SaGa series retrospective Part 4 (Final)

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Written Review: Zootopia

Come on Farel, you published your next big review video on Patreon already! This week it’ll become public, and everybody will see it. You really don’t need to flood your page with a written review now! Continue reading

Learning Polish with Farel – Prąd

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